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Meet the Calhouns


Founded by Eric and Dyuanna Calhoun, this innovative venture specializes in catering to those in the community who are differently-abled, individuals with complex developmental disabilities, high-needs seniors, and people for whom visiting a conventional hair salon presents significant obstacles.

Eric Calhoun developed an interest in barbering while enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Among his duties, he provided haircuts to servicemen as a naval barber on the USS Kirk. After serving his country, Eric began to cut hair in Northeast Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia. He later became a licensed managing-cosmetologist and has continued to serve and grow in the haircare industry and has been sought for his patience, skills, and passion for working with clients who have specific needs. 

Dyuanna's extensive caregiving background encompasses a range of family members, from her late mother, father, sister, to her uncle. This journey has allowed her to cultivate a profound comprehension of the intricate facets of caregiving. Simultaneously, Dyuanna's active engagement in the professional sphere has enveloped diverse domains, including government, banking and healthcare.

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Calhoun's Creative Cutz offers top-tier hair care services at convenient locations tailored to their clients' preferences. These locations range from private residences to group homes, senior communities, as well as long-term and rehabilitation care facilities. Their team of haircare experts, who are specifically trained for these settings, provide services infused with compassion and empathy, resulting in an enhanced appearance and overall well-being for their clients. Their commitment extends beyond merely providing haircuts; they take pride in lifting up underserved individuals through this transformative experience!

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